After a lengthy spell away from my blog, working or at least trying to! Im now back to fill you in on my progress. My last blog brought to your attention several issues that are found in the current world. I looked at both first world and third world issues in an attempt to make […]

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Field Volume II (PDP)

With the second year now coming to a close I have been reminded to produce a written evaluation of both field topics, which have been endured over the past academic year. ‘Fab-Field’ My year began with ‘Fab-Field’ a module based created to offer a hands on ‘making’ experience. This was brilliant and allowed me to […]

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No Momentum

After weeks of slow and unbelievably painful progress, I am days away from receiving my facsimile model; and currently painstakingly working through the A2 boards which have been requested due to then need for printing. I am now spending each and every hour attempting to perfect my renders and produce crisp images. Although necessary to […]

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Piecing it together

After a difficult and frustrating week of CAD, it has finally come to an end … for now! On Friday I submitted my CAD file to the technical demonstrators ready to be CNC’d. This was an extremely long winded task that seemed as if it would never finish. After doing all of the casing for […]

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Just another Drill

After weeks of stress caused by my dissertation, I seem to be slightly behind on my drill. This isn’t helped by the amount of times my chosen CAD Package ‘Fusion 360’ has crashed causing loss of work and time! Although frustrating, its not nearly as frustrating as spending days attempting to shell each and every […]

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