The Difference

In late September I began my postgraduate studies in the hope of furthering the progress I made during my undergraduate studies. Little did I know the first week would be extremely different, with friends which were a symbol of my time in university gone. Individuals who were an emblem of three well spent years, now […]

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The Great Outdoors

So to keep everyone up to date! I am currently in my third week of my field project which runs for three weeks. I took the decision at the start of this unit to undertake four, three week projects rather than the usual single, twelve week project. This would mean that I would have a […]

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Zest 4 Leisure

Over the past 2 days, we have once again been overloaded with work. This time from a leading garden furniture company from North Wales. We were introduced to ‘Zest 4 Leisure’ by a past student, who gave us a brief to produce a range of different garden accessories, he then gave us a deadline of […]

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PDR Project

On Thursday the 25th of January we welcomed PDR into the studio in order to collaborate. As we began we were given a 24 hour brief which was to design a piece of wearable technology which would aid one of the following categories: Mother & Baby Pet Care Womens Health Elderly Care Crime & Punishment […]

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How can design influence sustainability in the 21st Century?   With the end of a term based constellation came the introduction of the dissertation study. In the past, I had not enjoyed constellation what so ever, I found the lectures irrelevant and found it almost impossible in attaining a topic which I enjoyed. The beginning […]

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So an update on my dissertation. As I’m aware I cannot give too much away, but I wanted to inform each and every reader of the pain, misery and all round destruction caused by this dissertation. Although finding it insightful, to cast out into different aspects of the world it self, to find causes and […]

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The Quick Subject Summary

With the end of subject and the beginning of a new year, and a new topic I think some reflection is due! Subject finished with the imminent hand in which took place on the 13th of December. For this hand in I produced a full concept with a CAD prototype which was fully rendered on […]

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