The Quick Subject Summary

With the end of subject and the beginning of a new year, and a new topic I think some reflection is due! Subject finished with the imminent hand in which took place on the 13th of December. For this hand in I produced a full concept with a CAD prototype which was fully rendered on […]

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So where am I at now? Yesterday I had a tutor meeting, unlike last week it filled me with belief and pessimism. I have now established the workings of the game and it is being assembled as we speak. I have produced a model application through powerpoint hyperlinks, I have also finalised the aesthetics of […]

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The no-nonsense tutor…

After a complete dressing down by my tutor on Wednesday I have decided that rather than being annoyed and irritated I should take the positives and  continue to progress. On Wednesday I was told to stop wasting time on the premiss of including Arduino in my product, although irritating due to the amount of research […]

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Weathering the storm

After a busy week getting all my university work in order I am now looking at the to do list which grows longer by the day. This week I revisited my aesthetics and finalised the content fo the game. I now know that the game will contain a visual aesthetic and show the globe and […]

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After a lengthy spell away from my blog, working or at least trying to! Im now back to fill you in on my progress. My last blog brought to your attention several issues that are found in the current world. I looked at both first world and third world issues in an attempt to make […]

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