Hitting Bullseye

Here is an insight to how this project began and finished as well as every step in between! 1.Research 2. I then produced several pages of quick concept sketches. 3.  After doing some preliminary research and quick concept sketches I then looked at who I wanted to target my glue gun at, and decided on […]

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Biting the Bullet!

This week was exceptionally busy as on Tuesday we were forced to hand in our STL CAD files ready to be CNC’d in blue foam. This would give us a realistic feel for the glue gun and would give us a better feel for the product. This was fairly straight forward although I found several […]

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Shoot me now!

Today was possibly one of the longest days I have ever had to endure in two years of studying product design. I was attempting to produce my three dimensional CAD of my ‘Thor’ based glue gun. This was an unbelievable process due to a variety of problems such as housing the internal components, splitting the […]

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‘Jumping the gun’

After several pages of concept designs playing with both form and functionality, today I began giving my concepts a realistic feel through re-creating them on fusion 360 (my CAD of choice). This has given me a real feel for the end outcome and has allowed me to see what it would look like if it […]

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All guns blazing!

After deciding on a target market (children and use in schools) I then re-did my market research, this lead to some interesting discussions with my girlfriends 9 year old cousin. This was an extremely in depth discussion which led to several hours of painful nerf wars. Safe to say that he made a strong point […]

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‘Locked and Loaded’

After thorough market research on both the brief, and the target market I began to work on some concept sketches. For this I used the market research as inspiration, I also printed off a copy of interior components and produced 1:1 scale concept designs. This worked well and allowed me to realise the sized of […]

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Gun’ing for Success

After a slightly weird but interesting brief here are some of the early market research I have done: After much deliberation I have decided to focus on glue guns targeted at children. I am aware that this might be slightly strange due to a glue gun being extremely dangerous. This glue gun however will be used […]

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