Catch up… And keep going!

Throughout the Easter Break I was given the opportunity to catch up with the work set at the end of the second term, such as my field work. I was also able to progress with my constellation essay which was based on the Pop Art movement. I was therefore eager to discover the brief for […]

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After seven very different and insightful one week project, we faced our eighth week which was led by Bethan Gordon. This week was simply titled ‘Spoon’, for this project we were given the brief to design a simple spoon for a purpose which appreciates the design language we are trying to portray as well as […]

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Mobile 2050

For our seventh week long project we were introduced to Dr Stephen Thompson who set a project which would test skills which we hadn’t already practiced, and would teach us to forecast future products. This was an interesting prospect and I was exited to work with Dr Stephen Thompson. We then chose fellow product design […]

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The Swan

For our sixth week project we were set the title ‘The Swan’ by Gareth Barham who would lead this weeks project. This title was quite interesting and enticing. I was therefore eager to get the brief and begin my week long project. On Monday morning we were given the brief which was to re-design an […]

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Come Out and Play

In our fifth week as product design students we were introduced to Olivia Kotsifa who set us the assignment title ‘come out and play’ for which we were set the brief of designing a game or application which would bring children outdoors to play. For this project we were set into groups of three or […]

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