After effectively producing the product and marketing the product I then went on to produce an instructions poster to show users how to use the product, I also decided to do this as it would make the product more realistic whilst on display at my Level 4 end of year show.

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Product Marketing

After producing a model I was satisfied with I then began on a suitable poster for my product, As this was clearly stated in the brief I set myself. I wanted this poster to be simple with as little wording on as possible, I also wanted it to look professional and elegant. I am extremely […]

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3D Printing

After producing a suitable CAD design I then went on to produce a 3D printed model. This caused me several problems as the 3D printers were always fully booked or broken. This was extremely frustrating and really tested my patients! My first model came out fairly decent but I found that my preparation work wasn’t sufficient […]

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After choosing the design I then continued to develop the product, I did this through producing an accurate CAD model on Autodesk fusion this was extremely insightful and allowed me to truly visualise the product. After producing this CAD model I then continued to develop my product on CAD by rendering the product in several […]

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Preliminary Sketches

After researching existing products which test allergies I have now began to produce some preliminary designs. Below are some of my preliminary designs: I then decided to produce several soft models of different shapes to allow me to get a realistic feel for the product. After producing these I then began to narrow down my […]

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Currently there is only one portable allergy tester which has yet to be released to the public. This allergy sensor, tests both solid and liquids for gluten substances. This was the only similar device which I found currently on the market. I will therefore base my product with the asumption that it will work in […]

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Presenting my brief

On the second week of this term I found myself slightly out of my depth due to the fact that I was forced to continue with two projects. I struggled to concentrate on both projects and found it hard to manage my time effectively and efficiently with both. Monday therefore came and we were forced […]

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