Piecing it together

After a difficult and frustrating week of CAD, it has finally come to an end … for now! On Friday I submitted my CAD file to the technical demonstrators ready to be CNC’d. This was an extremely long winded task that seemed as if it would never finish. After doing all of the casing for […]

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Just another Drill

After weeks of stress caused by my dissertation, I seem to be slightly behind on my drill. This isn’t helped by the amount of times my chosen CAD Package ‘Fusion 360’ has crashed causing loss of work and time! Although frustrating, its not nearly as frustrating as spending days attempting to shell each and every […]

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Nailing it

After a long way working backwards, I have now established a suitable logo and colour scheme which will amalgamate to give me a suitable and effective brand identity. The work I have done so far and the research that has been collected in getting to this point has been extremely insightful. And although I was yet […]

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Let’s not screw this up!

Today we received our next brief which surprisingly would count towards 70% of our module. This was jaw dropping news, but the worse was yet to come. After much anticipation on what our next exciting and revolutionary brief would be it was announced “a cordless 18v drill”. I thought that we would be put out […]

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The Shooting Range

Although long winded, I think that within the extremely tight guidelines we were set, the majority of the class produced interesting work which varied from one person to another. I am extremely happy with the outcome I have been able to produce, although slightly tired and frustrated by the whole project. After finishing this extremely long […]

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Hitting Bullseye

Here is an insight to how this project began and finished as well as every step in between! 1.Research 2. I then produced several pages of quick concept sketches. 3.  After doing some preliminary research and quick concept sketches I then looked at who I wanted to target my glue gun at, and decided on […]

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