After finding further motivation in my quest for a masters degree I began a burdensome juggle of topics in order to overcome and answer my question. I now find myself looking at motivation, need, wants, human connection, technology and happiness in one big mash up of questions. Several lectures, and a plethora of different discussions […]

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With a newfound motivation for my subject, I found myself for the first time confronting the key theme, rather than attempting to avoid it altogether. Is technology a means to happiness? Thats the question I was attempting to find an answer to, with sources difficult to find and time scarce I would give one last […]

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With an enormous effort over the Christmas period and an absurd amount of caffeine I found myself in a just position where I had sufficiently completed my first written submission of my postgraduate studies. A 5000-word essay amalgamating a plethora of different topics which at several points caused me to question its relevance to my […]

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With the end of my first postgraduate term in sight, I sit here tired and overworked. Deadlines creep closer by the minute as time moves in an uncontrollably fast manor.  A three minute video proposal made up of a terms thoughts; This painstakingly difficult task would be a small part of the fifteen minute presentation […]

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After weeks of relentless work, researching and thinking through ideas in an attempt to find one worthy of pursuing for the duration of this masters degree. I immediately found myself deliberating topics and was quickly engulfed in the world of holography and what I believed was a futuristic world of endless possibilities. Although alluring, I began […]

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The First Three

After overcoming the third research lecture of three, I find myself reflecting on what if found, felt and at times endured  during the previous weeks. With three very different lectures, I have had three very different experiences. The first lecture being a philosophical mine field. ‘The aesthetics of indexical drawing’, I immediately thought that it […]

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The Beginning

With the end of the mixed, group workshops came the beginning of the course lectures. These lectures would take place every Friday and guide the thinking and the outcomes which would be produced. With a group of enthused individuals, conversations materialised at a rapid pace, little was I aware that this would be the tone […]

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