Field Overlook

After making the interior look old and full of character I then decided to improve the overlook on the exterior. I did this by doing a series of ink transfers onto the wood, some of these didn’t come out as hoped but personally I think this improved the look of the storage system and made […]

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Further Progress

I then produced a suitable design for the interior and began to prosecute this plan. I gathered a range of old leather books, I then cut the paper out of these and made them into slots for photograph storage. I found that this offered a substantial amount of storage and was quite impressed with the […]

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Once I had produced the initial idea, I then brainstormed and did a substantial amount of research at how I could produce this storage, and found near to nothing! This gave me a slight block, but I continued to endure and found that a slot method would be the most efficient I also found through […]

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Field Re-development

After producing customised glass art last term as my field product I mean some harsh criticism, I was also given some sound advice on how to redesign my idea and improve on the final product. I was advised by both Theo and Gareth to look into producing a product to store photographs rather that display […]

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Individual Field Project

For my final part of my field project I would be working further on my individual project. For this I wanted to incorporate the work I had previously done in my field project with glass lamp shades as I thoroughly enjoyed this and believed that this could be further developed to produce an outcome which […]

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Y Boteli Gorffenedig

Erbyn hyn bu’r briff wedi ei orffen, yr boteli wedi cwbwlhau, a bu ein amser fel grŵp bron ar ben. Cyn gorffen ein amser fel grŵp maes cydweithredol, bu rhaid fe wnaethom ni penderfynnu fel grŵp i tynnu lluniau profesiynnol o’r hyn oeddwn ni wedi ei greu; felly aeth pedwar aelod or grŵp i’r ystafell […]

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