CNC Workshop

Another day… Another introduction. Today was the turn of the CNC cutter. This machine was extremely interesting and was one which I was extremely eager to use due to its capabilities. This machine effectively takes a solid object such as a block of wood, it then carves away at it leaving your design left. Its […]

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Laser Cutting Workshop

This week we began our field project. This began with an introduction to the machines which were at our disposal. Today we were introduced to the Laser Cutter which was a frequently used machine for myself and the other Product Designers due to its quick and easy results and its unbelievable accuracy! Today we were […]

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The Beginning

This year I was extremely happy to find that I was given Fab Field. This was a project which would allow me to experience a range of different processes and new machines. I was excited about the prospect of this as it would broaden the possibilities when it came to my outcomes; I believe it […]

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