Presentation Video

Below is the video which I hastily made for my Field Level 5 presentation. Fab Field was definitely eventful and although finding it exceptionally difficult in working with someone who couldn’t be bothered to offer any assistance I thoroughly enjoyed what I did and creating the overall outcome was extremely enjoyable! I am very happy […]

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For level 5 field I was luckily given Fab Field which I was extremely happy about due to the opportunity to work collaboratively with a range of students from a range of different backgrounds, all with different interests and capabilities. I was also extremely eager to work with new machines such as the CNC router […]

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After research, and hours of painfully hard thinking; last night I made a breakthrough! In an attempt to bring my interest in design together with Libby’s interest in architecture I have come up with the idea of a table centerpiece light. This light will combine several processes such as laser cutting, cnc’ing, woodworking, metalworking, and […]

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Technology Integration Workshop

During this weeks field we were given talks on technology integration, thiw was devided into two talks with two different tutors with two different expericences and ideas on the subject. Our first session was about arduino which in my opinion is extremely valuable whilst attempting to collaborate technology with everyday design ideas. I have never […]

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Finally Paired Up!

Today we were all put into pairs, I have been paired with a Architecture Design Technology student  (Libby Osborn) which should be interesting as we both have a different skillset, it will therefore be extremely interesting to see what we can achieve whilst working together. Whilst putting across our first thoughts of what we could […]

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3D Printing & Scanning Workshop

This week we were taught how to 3D Print & Scan. Last week we were told that in preperation to this week we should formiliarise ourselfs with an app called 123Dcatch. This app would allow you to photograph physical objects before being able to print them off using a 3D Printer. Whilst using this app […]

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