The Great Outdoors

So to keep everyone up to date! I am currently in my third week of my field project which runs for three weeks. I took the decision at the start of this unit to undertake four, three week projects rather than the usual single, twelve week project. This would mean that I would have a […]

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Zest 4 Leisure

Over the past 2 days, we have once again been overloaded with work. This time from a leading garden furniture company from North Wales. We were introduced to ‘Zest 4 Leisure’ by a past student, who gave us a brief to produce a range of different garden accessories, he then gave us a deadline of […]

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Field Volume II (PDP)

With the second year now coming to a close I have been reminded to produce a written evaluation of both field topics, which have been endured over the past academic year. ‘Fab-Field’ My year began with ‘Fab-Field’ a module based created to offer a hands on ‘making’ experience. This was brilliant and allowed me to […]

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Reflection of Field

With my second term field project coming to an end I have found it extremely interesting and innovative, I personally believe that over the course of the next few years virtual reality could become something which we deal with on a daily basis. I personally believe that virtual reality could possibly make televisions obsolete if […]

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After a ridiculously long journey with traffic jams and diversions we got to Gatwick… After 2 and a half hours of time wasting in waiting for the plane we left the country… After over 2 hours of flying we arrived in Innsbruck… After ANOTHER 2 hours of relentlessly mad driving up ice ravaged mountains we […]

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Design ‘n’ Snow

This term we as a field group have the fortune to travel to Austria to take part in a series of lecture with leading industry professionals! These lectures will show us new and innovative technology which have become available they will also emphasise the application of these innovations. Hopefully this directly translates into our own […]

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