How can design influence sustainability in the 21st Century?   With the end of a term based constellation came the introduction of the dissertation study. In the past, I had not enjoyed constellation what so ever, I found the lectures irrelevant and found it almost impossible in attaining a topic which I enjoyed. The beginning […]

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So an update on my dissertation. As I’m aware I cannot give too much away, but I wanted to inform each and every reader of the pain, misery and all round destruction caused by this dissertation. Although finding it insightful, to cast out into different aspects of the world it self, to find causes and […]

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Dissertation Planning

Today was exceptionally exciting and slightly daunting as I had my first tutorial about my dissertation. This in some ways is the start to the end as it seems I’m beginning the most significant document I will produce during my three years at this university! Today I went in to the meeting open minded on […]

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Constellation Capsulization

For my second year of university I was given ‘Art, Science and the Construction of Reality’. When I initially heard this constellation title I was excited and believed that the relevant of it was unbelievable to my course. Although apprehensive about what it would consist of I was fairly excited. This constellation was led by Professor […]

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“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” ― Bill Watterson

On the 18th of November we embarked on a constellation trip to London; On this trip we would find ourselves visiting the National Science Museum as well as the Tate Britain. This trip was in the care of Professor Clive Cazeaux who was leading this terms ‘Art, Science and the Construction of Reality’ constellation group. As […]

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