After finding further motivation in my quest for a masters degree I began a burdensome juggle of topics in order to overcome and answer my question. I now find myself looking at motivation, need, wants, human connection, technology and happiness in one big mash up of questions.

Several lectures, and a plethora of different discussions with tutors have made me question the correlation between each and every one of these anomalies. With smart terms such as ‘superficial happiness’ and the premise of technology as a consistent attempt of achieving happiness. The key question put forth to me was to name a technology that was not intended to cause happiness. Whilst thinking of the atomic bomb or the electric chair I was quickly reminded that both were attempts to restore peace rather than to disrupt it (a proper glass half full argument). I was therefore slightly stumped, and since that very discussion I am no unable to disagree with that very statement “technology is ALWAYS an attempt at gaining happiness”, does a microwave not reheat your meal quickly to ensure that you don’t have to spend hours each night cooking? In which case the microwave allows you to spend more time doing something you enjoy, thus directly initiating happiness. A completely valid and justified argument.

‘Superficial Happiness’ when you see a ‘smiley’ face or a happy meal and the automatic provocation of happiness is evoked. Why is this? Is it due to years of being told what to think? What to believe? What to see? Has our upbringing really caused such detrimental effect on our cognition of the simplest forms. I honestly believe this argument has true foundation in todays world. With this premise in mind, when you see an individual study, that individual is never seen to be happy but rather to be enthralled or unhappy. This propaganda seems paramount in todays world and seems to back up the point of that superficiality in todays world!

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