With a newfound motivation for my subject, I found myself for the first time confronting the key theme, rather than attempting to avoid it altogether. Is technology a means to happiness? Thats the question I was attempting to find an answer to, with sources difficult to find and time scarce I would give one last major push on the internet to find a plethora of sources before hitting the books.

I found several valid arguments some for my theory but a large quantity apposing my theory. But optimistically I continued to persevere and found a correlation between all of the sources apposing my thesis, they seemed to focus on physical health and wellbeing, implying technology to be a cause of inertia among the population. This therefore had no direct opinion on happiness but rather insinuated that an active being was in-fact a happy being. Thus proving to hate the premise of a static lifestyle rather than hating the thought of technology making the population happy. The main hatred of technology was therefore due to the growing health concerns worldwide, with the population seemingly overweight and unhealthy. But what about the countless social media icons boasting thousands upon thousands of followers, all spreading the idealisation of a healthy lifestyle? Is this not counteractive to the populations hatred of technology?

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