With an enormous effort over the Christmas period and an absurd amount of caffeine I found myself in a just position where I had sufficiently completed my first written submission of my postgraduate studies. A 5000-word essay amalgamating a plethora of different topics which at several points caused me to question its relevance to my own studies. I found myself diverging from the common topic of technology and indulging myself (possibly too much) in human behavior and species evolution. Questioning the why’s and what ifs of a species over 200,000 years old, it’s not hard to find how I may have got slightly lost. I was therefore going through words as though they were quickly running out. Developing an obscene amount of questions without any sight of a justified and well-balanced answer. This intrigue in turn changed into frustration, sleep deprivation and confusion. And the sentences I was once excited by quickly turned into tiresome and effortful words, becoming harder and harder to find and lather across paper.

It was with absolute euphoria that I therefore submitted, but I was completely aware that I was submitting for the must rather than the want. My words held numerous questions, and vast possibilities of where I could search for that difficult answer. It was therefore evident that I was becoming further and further lost in this topic and in an attempt to keep my head above the water I contacted my tutor in order to quite frankly ‘sort me out’. After another caffeinated beverage and long exchange of conversation we both agreed that my research was attempting to solve all the worlds impossible problems rather than answer the question I had put forth ‘In the age of information, does the human species need human connection in order to be happy’. How hard could that possible be to answer (apparently harder than an opinionated yes/no)! It was therefore back to the drawing board with a plethora of information being investigated for validity. It was as if I had spent the last months picking olives in a quest to make wine!

My tutor seemingly saw the dismay on my face and did what every good tutor would, phoned a friend! An individual at the pinnacle of his subject who had previously dived into the waters of my question. Although familiar with what I was saying it was with excitement he clarified my point of view “your saying that technology is a means to happiness rather than an opposing factor” … yes, yes, I am! I left the conversation once again enthused by my research and with a substantially longer reading list. I can clarify that over the last few months I have undoubtedly been dancing around the question rather than taking it for 12 rounds in the ring.

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