With the end of my first postgraduate term in sight, I sit here tired and overworked. Deadlines creep closer by the minute as time moves in an uncontrollably fast manor.  A three minute video proposal made up of a terms thoughts; This painstakingly difficult task would be a small part of the fifteen minute presentation I’m expected to  deliver.

Questions of happiness, human consciousness, and evolution flying about uncontrollably. I began to dissect a terms worth of mental madness. A minefield of university work. Who would every believe that nothing would be individual, that everything an entanglement or something or in-fact everything. This only meant that my work would not be a quick and easy job but rather an extremely difficult and tedious job which would force me to immerse myself completely. I found that this term had caused me to not only look further at myself in order to find the substance to produce this work, but also to look at myself in order to find where I wanted to be in the near future. A term of question with such few answers.

Now I find myself sitting in front of this laptop, having completed my third and certainly not my last coffee of the day. Writing my thoughts in an attempt to aid myself and rediscover my hunger for this exciting and thought provoking question. Does happiness have a conclusive and fully justified meaning? To be happy, what does that mean? And quite simply does it mean the same to each and every being on this enormous and endless planet we inhabit?

All questions have supposed answers, it now seems that I find myself responsible for finding my own individual version of my truth. I find myself evaluating individuals on their validity. I find myself in a position where this work is not only for myself, but for a cohort of like-minded individuals. A feeling of absolute encumbrance.

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