After weeks of relentless work, researching and thinking through ideas in an attempt to find one worthy of pursuing for the duration of this masters degree. I immediately found myself deliberating topics and was quickly engulfed in the world of holography and what I believed was a futuristic world of endless possibilities. Although alluring, I began to contemplate the what if’s and found that the ideal conditions for this world were almost impossible. A world of darkness and isolation.

I only wish that I hadn’t pursued this avenue so heavily and committed myself, as my lecture would later tell me “I just don’t see it”. This therefore put me in a slight slump and although curious about what my future topic would be I was pessimistic. My lecturer then enticed me by asking what had recently ceased to exist? What was once revolutionary but now was absent? What could be brought back into the world, and if that was to happen, what conditions would be necessary in order to accommodate it? This question puzzled me for days, I then came to the realisation that my interest in holography and its applications stemmed from my interest in the redemption of the high street. I now find myself asking what would need to happen in order to revive the dying high street? What climate would be necessary and how would this revival begin and sustain itself?

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