The Difference

In late September I began my postgraduate studies in the hope of furthering the progress I made during my undergraduate studies. Little did I know the first week would be extremely different, with friends which were a symbol of my time in university gone. Individuals who were an emblem of three well spent years, now figures of an outstanding time in my life! Whether its a rogue northerner shouting across the studio for a cup of tea or an overconfident Swansea jack bragging about the weekends results; it will always conclude in a hefty smile.

Teaching began with a thought provoking workshop on critical thinking, which to my surprise would cause me to be engulfed in the arguments of others. With questions on whether ceramics was in fact a craft or an art floating around. This really would be an encapsulating start to another year of mind provoking work. Although undoubtedly useful, this workshop caused me grief, as I still had no incline on the avenue I would pursue over the next twelve months. I therefore lived my day to day life hoping for something to crop up or rather hit me in the face. And with that terrible sense of desperation I continued doing a lot of nothing; before having an epiphany which would get me thinking profusely of what exciting outcomes I could produce. With the current plastic catastrophe which submerges us, I propose a viable solution to how the future could be enormously  different. How could the future of marketing and branding progress and instigate sustainability? Through progressively deconstructing unsustainable industries.



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