The Great Outdoors

So to keep everyone up to date! I am currently in my third week of my field project which runs for three weeks.

I took the decision at the start of this unit to undertake four, three week projects rather than the usual single, twelve week project. This would mean that I would have a wider range of outcomes. This option was also more beneficial due to me losing interest in my subject due to the intense concentration for such a long duration.

The first project I am to undertake for this field is titled ‘The Great Outdoors’. The brief of the project is as follows “Having time to quietly connect back with nature is important for a person’s well-being and also for reflection and idea generation. Design a space at the back of CSAD (including new furniture design) that provides a quiet area for reflection, and connecting back with nature.”

I found this extremely exciting and due to the fact that the target market, and the final destination of the outcome was easily accessible to me, It was a ‘no brainer’. To begin I therefore began researching the location and its history. I then looked at the target market and existing products before producing a range of my own solutions. These led me to produce a range of outdoor seating solutions although after a tutorial with my lecturer we found that this didn’t satisfy the brief to the best of its abilities and it was therefore back to the drawing boards. I therefore translated my knowledge from the seating I had previously looked at, and began producing outdoor spaces which fulfilled the brief. My main inspiration for this was the enormous coal industry that once dominated the length of the river Taff, which the plot of land I’m currently designing for is located upon. I therefore looked at a range of generic coal themed objects in an attempt to create an outdoor space. This brought me to look at tunnels, lifts, heaps, carts and a plethora of other interesting objects and forms. Below are some design sketches that show the process and path that I have travelled upon through the duration of this brief.

Above are the outdoor seating concepts, below we see the concentration on producing a space rather than just a single component for the overall space.


I have now come to a final outcome which subconsciously shows the heritage and history of this location without being too obvious or literal. This outcome is based upon the geometric form of the coal and its contours and concave’s. I belief that this is extremely interesting and satisfies the brief well. Although happy with the final design I now find myself in a predicament, due to adverse weather conditions and the sudden closure of the university I now find myself behind and unable to finish this brief due to a lack of facilities. The 3D printers and laser cutters I had planed on using to tie up the project, are currently sitting unused in an empty university. The ice age has ruined my education!

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