Zest 4 Leisure

Over the past 2 days, we have once again been overloaded with work. This time from a leading garden furniture company from North Wales. We were introduced to ‘Zest 4 Leisure’ by a past student, who gave us a brief to produce a range of different garden accessories, he then gave us a deadline of 48 hours to do valuable research, produce a range of ideas, before choosing a single idea and producing an accurate sketch and a facsimile model.

Although extremely daunting a task, I embraced the challenge and looked the range of products already produced by the company. I then began to scrutinise each and every one with the hope to find a gap in the market. Whilst discussing with others I found that there were several noticeable gaps in the current range of products. I identified an old fashioned, simple, blocky aesthetic was one that encompassed the whole range and therefore decided that there needed to be an alternative.

After identifying a hole, I then began to look at the target markets and identified several suitable consumer groups which were as follows:

  1. Families
  2. Convenience Gardens.
  3. Garden Proud’s
  4. Small Gardens

I then looked at what competitors within the industry offered individuals within the above consumer groups and found a significant void throughout. This was therefore an extreme driving force in going forward.

I therefore found that I needed to produce an item which fitted in with the brand I was designing for, this item needed to be manufactured by the aforementioned brand. It needed to be more intricate than existing products within the brand. This outcome had to encompass a range of activities whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.

I therefore produced a range of concepts, before doing a dot test with my peers to ensure that it would suffice.

This therefore brought me to the following design.


Once a final design had been produced I then began to produce a facsimile model in order to give the client a realistic feel for the end outcome. I made this out of similar materials in order to convey the same feeling.

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