So an update on my dissertation. As I’m aware I cannot give too much away, but I wanted to inform each and every reader of the pain, misery and all round destruction caused by this dissertation. Although finding it insightful, to cast out into different aspects of the world it self, to find causes and concerns before finally narrowing in on the solution. It is been an extremely endeavouring journey!

At times I have question the need to write this dissertation, but the value of the knowledge I have gained is unbelievable. I have learnt about the history of the industrial revolution, I have looked at the consequence of war. I have found the true meaning of sustainability, I have looked at the implications that the economy, and politics it self has on the world we live in; I have found the importance of cognition. More importantly I have discovered the importance of design. Design is not only a drawing on paper, or a simple 3D print. Its enormous, and its reach has the ability to change and improve anything!

This dissertation has therefore pushed me to the edge. It has destroyed every fibre of my being, and I haven’t even completed it yet!

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