The Quick Subject Summary

With the end of subject and the beginning of a new year, and a new topic I think some reflection is due!

Subject finished with the imminent hand in which took place on the 13th of December. For this hand in I produced a full concept with a CAD prototype which was fully rendered on key shot. Although fairly happy I was aware that my design needed some refinement and slight tweaks but I went in confident and content with what I had achieved.

I then began presenting my work, from the research, to the sketches, to the sleepless nights on CAD. I came to a justified conclusion with a final idea, as well as a full bill of materials. Although content with my work, my tutor emphasised the need to keep progressing. I was told to look at go away, continue working with an emphasis on producing a brand identity which appealed to my target market, I was also told to look at the possibility of reducing packaging through the integration of a foldable game. This is therefore what I plan to do next in regards to my subject work.

But for now… Its dissertation time! (10 days and counting)

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