So where am I at now?

Yesterday I had a tutor meeting, unlike last week it filled me with belief and pessimism. I have now established the workings of the game and it is being assembled as we speak. I have produced a model application through powerpoint hyperlinks, I have also finalised the aesthetics of both the app and gaming cards. I am now writing out all the gaming cards and fixing them to a sheet ready for printing!

Before the end of the week I have therefore set a list for myself to complete which is as follows:

  1. Do focus group and see what the major touchpoint are on the games.
  2. Contact the print studio and ensure that they are capable of printing the cards.
  3. Finalise cards ready for printing.
  4. Order PLA sphere.
  5. Finish prototype.
  6. Begin assembling CAD model.

Now all thats left is 2 weeks to complete a substantial amount of work! Race is on!


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