The no-nonsense tutor…

After a complete dressing down by my tutor on Wednesday I have decided that rather than being annoyed and irritated I should take the positives and  continue to progress. On Wednesday I was told to stop wasting time on the premiss of including Arduino in my product, although irritating due to the amount of research I had already applied in the topic. Although it seems like a negative, it means that I can now focus my efforts into producing a mechanical game without the need for electricity. This is an extremely important step as I want my game to include liquid to make it more interesting and fun; this would have been significantly more difficult to achieve with electricity nearby.

I have therefore 3D printed all the necessary parts such as the gears to run the game, and the connectors to ensure that everything is kept in place. I have also laser cut a plywood box, this will ensure that all the moving parts are kept in the necessary place. I am now waiting on delivery for several objects which include a wooden semi sphere (to vacuum form), a set of fillable plastic baubles, and a lot of 10mm dowels.

Whilst Im waiting on these in order to finalise the workings of my game, I will continue to progress and look at finishing the cards for the game. Whilst in my tutorial on Wednesday I was also told to make a working app on powerpoint. I will therefore look at producing this and ensuring that it works on the button!


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