Weathering the storm

After a busy week getting all my university work in order I am now looking at the to do list which grows longer by the day. This week I revisited my aesthetics and finalised the content fo the game. I now know that the game will contain a visual aesthetic and show the globe and the direct effect we have on it. The game will contain two individuals or two teams in a mission to save the planet! Both teams will attempt to use their knowledge to influence change and instigate sustainability.

Although aware of what the games will now consist of, two extremely different and difficult variations will now be visited in order to reach an important final outcome. One will consist of technology, this being an Arduino run game. This game will have Arduino in order to drain water out of the globe with every wrong question. With every correct question water will then refill the globe via a pump. When a question is answered correctly there will be a noise which symbolises this as well as a noise which indicates the question is incorrect. All the Arduino will work off two buttons, a green ‘correct’ button and a red ‘incorrect’ button.

The second game will be completely mechanical and will work off cogs, springs and pure magic. This system will consist of the globe on a rod. With every correct answer the globe will tilt towards your opponent, with every incorrect answer the globe will tilt towards you. The water will then run out of the globe and into your trough. These troughs will have a limit. When that limit is reached the game is over and the winner (s) is determined.

Another component that will need to be decided is whether to use the classic and reliable cards, or use a smartphone based application.

Below we see some images of games which currently use mechanical workings in order to achieve an effective game.


These are therefore all avenues that need to be explored and evaluated in order to achieve an effective and efficient game.   

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