“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Ghandi

After a well deserved rest over the summer we have now returned to product design to resume our third year. Whilst away from university it gave me a chance to continue with my dissertation gradually and work on ideas for the return of subject.

To begin I identified a range of problems from world poverty, to world hunger, sustainability and general waste. These problems would then be unpicked bit by bit in order to find the potential of a solution in the way of a product or system.

The first idea I decided to pursue was dehydration in the way of athletes. This was a persistent problem that I found with some exceptionally high profile suffers such as the Brownlee brothers in the last round of the triathlon championships. I had also found that this was a large problem with a large quantity of sufferers which was evident in the coverage of the London Marathon this year. Whilst researching into the subject I found a solution exceptionally hard, as the only ways to conclusively and accurately detect dehydration is through testing blood or urine which means that it wouldn’t help athletes as it would be too late. I then looked at alternative ways of detecting it but none of which were accurate enough.

I then revisited my ideation and found that the research I had already produced for my thesis gave me an exceptional head start, and had steered me towards a solution to a large problem; that problem being sustainability! Although this problem isn’t one that can be solved overnight a product or system would help greatly in achieving sustainability. All my research showed that the education of sustainability wasn’t sufficient enough and that people were unaware of the issue until they reached their twenties. This was unbelievable seeing as children were more perceptive to learn whilst they were at a junior age (8-12), I will therefore like to look into this issue and attempt to solve the problem.

From gaining this information I will now look into the curriculum for children of this age. I will also look at the products that are currently on the market for children of this age. Once I have produced some preliminary research I will then look at studies and statistics that show methods in which children absorb information the best; this will lead me to begin my ideation stage.

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