No Momentum

After weeks of slow and unbelievably painful progress, I am days away from receiving my facsimile model; and currently painstakingly working through the A2 boards which have been requested due to then need for printing. I am now spending each and every hour attempting to perfect my renders and produce crisp images.

Although necessary to get the perfect renders it seems to be destroying my life. A standard render seems to average an hour and a half, and a soon as any anomaly is changed that time seems to be doubled. This has therefore caused in days being lost to rendering and I currently find myself in a rush to get the sheets to the printers due to the sheer scale of them! These renders therefore need to be completed within the next few days in order to present a completed body of work in the next few weeks.

As well as my issues with renders I have also had several issues in reserving machinery to complete my models. I am at a wall where I need to get my battery printed with a 3D printer but they all seemed to be booked or broken. With regards to the facsimile model, its been 2 weeks since I handed in my files and I am yet to receive a completed model which is frustrating and infuriating as this stops me from entering the final stages, and completing this project.

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