Piecing it together

After a difficult and frustrating week of CAD, it has finally come to an end … for now! On Friday I submitted my CAD file to the technical demonstrators ready to be CNC’d. This was an extremely long winded task that seemed as if it would never finish. After doing all of the casing for this task, I am having a much deserved day’s rest of CAD before returning in order to produce the battery pack. This battery pack has already been thought through and has several internal structures to hold the weight of the pack internally.

Here is a sneak preview of what I have produced so far, and what I hope to see come out of the CNC.

As can be  seen, a conventional looking drill with some extras to benefit the user. I have allowed room for a spirit level on the topside of the drill behind the chuck. This will allow for the user (students) to ensure that it is being used correctly and that they are always accurate whilst doing things such as putting up shelves for a degree show etc. I have also added a small hole at the rear of the drill for a suitable wrist strap. I have yet to look into what material this strap would be made but whilst looking I will ensure firstly that it is both comfortable and durable, and secondly that it is aesthetically pleasing for the user.

So far I am exceptionally happy with how its turned out!

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