Nailing it

After a long way working backwards, I have now established a suitable logo and colour scheme which will amalgamate to give me a suitable and effective brand identity. The work I have done so far and the research that has been collected in getting to this point has been extremely insightful. And although I was yet to produce a concept before the beginning of this week, I have finally begun!

Throughout this week concepts have been flooding onto paper and in turn translating onto my computer screen through ‘Sketchbook Pro’ on my computer; Through these two medias I have found that it has developed fairly quickly and in turn I have now been able to begin to create quick concepts on ‘Fusion’ (my CAD package of choice). This means that I am able to visualise my drill further in its intended three dimensional. It also means that I am a step closer to producing a physical model, as I intend to produce my best concepts in blue foam in the near future!

Although producing a range of concepts which I have attempted to produce through the research I have created although being tough to stick to I have found it effective in its outcomes. Although attempting to stick to these parameters I have produced a few anomalies to this theme, and in all honesty I believe one of these may slip through into production as I find that these outcomes are the most aesthetically pleasing.

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