‘Picking the right tools for the job’

To fill you in! This project began with a dismal overlook on what I thought would be another boring and uninspiring project in a simple CAMM process. I therefore thought about how I would approach this project in a way which would keep it interesting for myself but also in a way which would test myself and my capabilities.

Usually I would do some extremely basic research on existing products, trends and improvements. This time I have began by doing in depth thorough research online through case studies and professionally gathered existing research.

I found several interesting reads on the topic which in a way seemed to give me an immediate head start on where I would otherwise be, these studies can be found below:

Drill Case Study AG


These gave me all the information I needed, and in an essence they seem to build up there own concepts on what I should aim to achieve at the end of this project (basically a tic list). After finding that my head was not yet in a state to produce an endless amount of concept designs I therefore worked around this whilst still attempting to tick all the boxes.

I have designed an extremely simple insert into the large vents I propose to put onto my drill insert will allow sufficient air to reach the internal components which will stop overheating; it will also double up as a system to stop dust and unwanted objects going into the drill. I have therefore called this ‘the hive system’ as this was the inspiration to the shape which is exceptionally pleasing. After fixing this large issue, I then found that ‘HIVE’ would be a suitable name and went about producing several logo’s which would demonstrate this.

This then led to me producing this logo, I chose this before the several other logo’s as it suits my target market whom are Students. I have decided on this target market as I aim to offer a product which provides quality and durability to a market which lacks these products. I also find that as I am a student and have a vast range of students I could test this product on it makes sense, and will help me further my product at a later stage.

After rectifying a large problem in current budget drills by producing ‘the hive system’, finding a suitable name, generating a fitting logo; I have also now decided on a colour scheme which I will endorse throughout this product, these colours being Brown and Gold! It might sound fairly robotic but I have once again gone back to my research in deciding these colours, rather than ask my fellow students. Brown is a friendly colour “which relates to security, protection, comfort and material wealth”, whereas Gold is “the colour of success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance.”

I therefore aim to produce a functional, durable, yet affordable product. This product will not only be aesthetically pleasing but through the bold colours will inspire confidence.


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