The Shooting Range

Although long winded, I think that within the extremely tight guidelines we were set, the majority of the class produced interesting work which varied from one person to another. I am extremely happy with the outcome I have been able to produce, although slightly tired and frustrated by the whole project. After finishing this extremely long winded project which I believe could have been done in a smaller time frame I have decided to share some of my worries with you about how I currently feel about what seems to be going on. I find it difficult at times, as I am studying for a Bachelor of Arts in product design, which would make you insinuate that my priority would be the aesthetics of a product; you would think that I would be made to re-design boring products and make them beautiful. But throughout this project I have had to sacrifice the aesthetic in order to house parts and worry about fixings, which I personally don’t understand.

I was told by a one of my lecturers during the feedback of my first year that I shouldn’t worry about how my device works as that is the problem of an engineer or someone with a BSc, and at the time I was criticised quite a lot because of this. I just can’t understand it.

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