Biting the Bullet!

This week was exceptionally busy as on Tuesday we were forced to hand in our STL CAD files ready to be CNC’d in blue foam. This would give us a realistic feel for the glue gun and would give us a better feel for the product. This was fairly straight forward although I found several problems such as preparing the file, as well as exporting it as an STL.

Later on in the day I continued with my now finished CAD model and ran it through keyshot which allows me to see what the finished outcome would look like. This also allowed me to get several extremely high resolution images which I could then use on the boards which needed to be prepared ready for an informal critique on Thursday. I therefore made it bright and flashy as it is intended for children and I believed that this is what would be most suitable. Below we see what I produced for this informal presentation of the boards:

Thor Internal and ThorContextual

Although fairly happy with the images and the overall outcome of the boards, after a critique on Thursday I then decided to re-look at my intended user and found that other products on the market attempted to make the product as accurate as possible I therefore re-rendered my outcome in an attempt to mimic the original artefact seen in the Thor movies, this meant that I had to retrieve several images from the web, I then took the background from these images and saved them as PNG’s. I then went back onto keyshot and re-rendered the glue gun. I was astonished with the outcome and the quality of the render. Which can be seen below, I will now reproduce my boards ready for next weeks presentation and formative feedback.


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