All guns blazing!

After deciding on a target market (children and use in schools) I then re-did my market research, this lead to some interesting discussions with my girlfriends 9 year old cousin. This was an extremely in depth discussion which led to several hours of painful nerf wars. Safe to say that he made a strong point that the new ‘NERF N-STRIKE ELITE FIRE STRIKE BLASTER’ was his favourite hand gun, he emphasised this through shooting me in the face repeatedly, and said that this showed how ‘quick it is’.

Through this extremely thorough market research and user testing I have therefore learnt an unbelievable amount about both my target market and there preferences. I have also learnt that you should NEVER challenge a 9 year old to a nerf war or even entertain the thought especially when he has an impressive arsenal of 40 guns.

This has therefore been extremely insightful, I also believe that after talking to my client that I should create this glue gun with children in mind and through first hand research I have found that children of this age have a large interest in superheroes; this could therefore be an important influence for this work!


Above we see some superheroes in which I could base my glue gun on, I will now revert back to my concepts in an attempt to progress my work on the glue gun.

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