Return of Subject

Today we were back to subject, which for the next four weeks was led by Paul Wilgeroth. I was extremely excited by this as in the past he has given extremely informative lectures and has definitely broadened my outcomes and improved my design thinking.

On his arrival to the studio we were immediately given the brief which was to redesign the outer casing of a basic two-part, injection-moulded ‘hot glue gun’ in order to help maintain product sales by bringing it up to date, and enhancing its aesthetic appeal. We were also told to use the existing internal components. Although slightly boring at first glance we were given the freedom to choose any target market; this therefore led to several hours of market research, head scratching, and frustration!

The deliverables were as follows:

1. Detailed 3D CAD solid model (including all internal and external features).

2. An A3 highly quality perspective 3⁄4 view of the 3D CAD model using Keyshot (or equivalent) software. The rendered view should fill the page and communicate the correct colours, textures and graphics (labels, logos, branding etc.)

3. An A3 highly detailed fully rendered 3⁄4 perspective view similar to (2) above but with the front casing removed.

4. An accurate 3D CNC ergonomic soft model (single-sided machining only).

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