Reflection of Field

With my second term field project coming to an end I have found it extremely interesting and innovative, I personally believe that over the course of the next few years virtual reality could become something which we deal with on a daily basis. I personally believe that virtual reality could possibly make televisions obsolete if it is correctly done. Virtual reality really does have the ability to change the world as we know it; which is something that is not said on a regular basis.

Personally after weeks of studying virtual reality and having first hand experience with the best new equipment whilst in Austria, I believe that its at that major stepping stone where it could possibly end in the same way that three dimensional televisions did; these televisions came about quickly but didn’t seem to catch on due the need for accessories in the form of glasses (much like VR).

Although saying this, whilst working besides aspiring architectural design technologists I have found that it has the potential to change there way they working, and in talking to several leading architects I have found that virtual reality is now becoming a must in showing clients what there building will look like once complete.

Could this therefore be something that is introduced in the future products which we design? I personally believe it could, and in the future I believe that products could be marketed using virtual reality. VR has the potential to maximise product marketing and large products such as vehicles would benefit greatly. Could you imagine sitting in your living room watching your television, with an commercial coming on which immediately immerses yourself in a driving experience which gives you the ability to look around, flick switches as you would in a real life situation? This would be amazing and would completely change product marketing. Although a possibility, I feel as if this is the only way that virtual reality links to my subject and it is a very long way from happening which is somewhat of a shame.

Over the past five weeks I have undoubtedly learnt a lot, I have discovered new softwares and have definitely learnt things out of my subject that I otherwise would not. I think that what I have learnt is as of yet not relevant, but has the potential to change the world. At this moment in time it is only a but; but I find the prospect of it extremely exciting and will keep an eye out in the future for virtual reality and hopefully see it fulfill its potential! Our project has also been interesting although at times slightly unorganised! I personally believe that we have done more work in the past two weeks than we had in the previous three, and what we have achieved really shows how amazing virtual reality is, and can be! I am also extremely impressed with the final outcome and although this final outcome doesn’t link directly to my subject, it shows how useful this software could be.

Virtual reality… Gamers… Architects… Interior Designers… Product Designers? Not Quite!

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