Getting ‘Snow-board’ of all this Field

Its now been 4 weeks and I feel like I have achieved nothing, although doing the work I have been set and trying to expand each and every part of it, it seems as if its a slight dead end. Every new task seems narrow and confusing; for example in the first week we were set partners to work with for the next 5 weeks, this scheme has now been abandoned and those who don’t turn up seem to be the sole benefiters as our lecturer has told us ‘to share all work’. It seems as if once again it is not about contributing but about taking advantage of others?

This year I have grown to passionately hate field, it seems as if its a way of sharing marks around and ensuring that everyone passes. Frustration is unbelievable all because of these lazy students.

Personally i’d prefer to work with someone that I already know as then I know that the contribution will be mutual. It seems as if my problems from first term have continued and as if nobody’s listened to my previous problems.

“Ask not what you can do for field, ask what field can do for you” – Rhodri Price, 2017

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