After a ridiculously long journey with traffic jams and diversions we got to Gatwick…

After 2 and a half hours of time wasting in waiting for the plane we left the country…

After over 2 hours of flying we arrived in Innsbruck…

After ANOTHER 2 hours of relentlessly mad driving up ice ravaged mountains we finally arrived in Hochfügen; just about in one piece…

Saturday was nothing less than my idea of hell… constant travelling!!!

Throughout this week we had the honour of sharing these mountains with some leading specialists in the industry (although possibly the wrong industry for me) which at first was slightly daunting; but after meeting and greeting the group I was pleasantly surprised to find several exceptionally enthusiastic and unbelievably renowned architects, who have led the virtual reality industry for decades.

These architects took our group very much under there wings for a week and showed us what was so special about virtual reality, it was amazing to see and although it was very architecturally driven and at time slightly pointless I believe that I took a lot out of this week. I was able to use technology like the HTC VIVE, I found this to be amazing and found out what all the screaming and shouting was about when it came to VR; it provoked senses to give me a feel for something which didn’t exist! It was nothing short of a miracle, this technology really could change our outlook on the world and whilst looking from a product design perspective I couldn’t help but think that this technology could help majorly whilst marketing future products!

After being allowed to play, learn and develop with new technology this week, we have now been set the task of recreating this EXTREMELY small mountain region in Austria through ‘sketch up’ this is a fairly simple software although giving simple results; it does the job.

Exciting things happening soon! Although it may be hard to achieve and will be extremely boring to create, I am excited by the possibilities and cannot wait to reach that final goal.

And then to finish the week off… The travelling kick starts again…

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