For level 5 field I was luckily given Fab Field which I was extremely happy about due to the opportunity to work collaboratively with a range of students from a range of different backgrounds, all with different interests and capabilities. I was also extremely eager to work with new machines such as the CNC router as I hadn’t been able to experience this before. As well as wanting to experience new things I also want to work with Martin Lane who I heard was leading this Field project.

Unfortunately for my field group I was paired with a lazy disinterested partner who had no contribution what so ever which made my work load significantly bigger and my blogging significantly less, which I would like to apologise for.

For this project I began with the idea of producing a light, in an attempt to bring the interest of my partner I attempted to link in an architecture theme. This lead to the idea developing into a iconic, scenic light based picturesque Venice.

I then went through processes which included steel fabricating, CNC’ing wood, the use of resin and laser cutting, spray painting, as well as 3d printing I considered using other techniques but found that this was effective. I also then included outsourced lighting as this was far superior to what I was capable of doing with Arduino.

I had several difficulties during this time such as finding time on machines, I also found finding my partner difficult as she was usually unavailable and not in attendance for the classes. Once I was able to overcome the first problem I found that the machines were occasionally unpredictable and unreliable which meant that at times processes would take days rather than hours; for example when using the CNC router, a process which we had expected to take a day took three days.

The result is something I am fairly happy with and through this process I have learnt several new skills such as how to work independently. I also learnt several new processes which I believe have enhanced my capability as a Designer. This has broadened my horizons and broadened my future productions. Although content I believe that I could better the result with time for example with the resin casting it would be improved by producing a mould or a template to place the wood into. I also found that in the end result the houses didn’t get the effect which I wanted and found that sometimes the etching wasn’t effective or inaccurate with the acrylic cracking and it therefore not slotting together; other than this I also believe that the houses lack in quality compared to the rest of the piece and in the future I would definitely like to look further into improving this and further developing my work.

During this field I have enjoyed several things such as learning new processes as well as working with an extremely good lecturer in Martin Lane, to whom I would like to thank immensely for all his help during this term.

Credit to: Youtuber: ‘flyingbike’ :

Credit to: Fablab Cardiff


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