Constellation Capsulization

For my second year of university I was given ‘Art, Science and the Construction of Reality’. When I initially heard this constellation title I was excited and believed that the relevant of it was unbelievable to my course. Although apprehensive about what it would consist of I was fairly excited.

This constellation was led by Professor Clive Cazeaux who is known for his expertise in Fine art and specifically the different aesthetics of items. I therefore was intrigued when the lectures were very philosophy orientated. Whilst enthusiastic on the topic I was slightly put off when asked in my first lecture ‘What is knowledge?’ this completely threw me and I found it difficult to answer such an enormous question. I therefore found myself contributing very little during this first lecture as I felt very much out of my depth.

Over the course of these lectures I therefore walked into these lectures with an extremely open mind but found it exceptionally hard to grasp due to the mind boggling questions we attempted to answer such questions as ‘What is truth?’. I found this unbelievably hard to answer and every week I found myself being asked unbelievably awkward questions which I seemed to have to tip toe around the answer as it was apparent that I had no idea of the answers, although I was regularly told that ‘there was no right or wrong answer’ this didn’t seem to help!

Every week we dissected the world and all its major questions in an attempt to get a better understanding of it all. We looked mainly at art and attempted to link them into thoughts and feelings as well as there significance in life and how they came to be. I can honestly admit that after 8 weeks in the company of Clive that I will never look at a piece of art in the same way, and in truth (whatever that may be) I will never look at the world in the same way.

We were also given the opportunity to go to London with the rest of the group. This was an opportunity that I was intrigued about due to the views of Clive. We visited both the Science Museum and the Tate Britain which seemed very different although amazingly they both seemed to have the same purpose in offering ‘knowledge’ to the public in an effective way. This seemed to help the previous lecture make sense to myself and although we had very little contact with our lecturer during these visits, It seems that I learnt a lot and took a lot from this visit.

After an unbelievingly thought provoking 8 weeks of lectures I now face the slightly daunting task of writing a 1000 word essay on a topic of my choice within this vast range of diverse subjects I could choose. I am yet to choose what I would like to write about in this essay, but am apprehensive due to the low word count we have been given.

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