“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” ― Bill Watterson

On the 18th of November we embarked on a constellation trip to London; On this trip we would find ourselves visiting the National Science Museum as well as the Tate Britain. This trip was in the care of Professor Clive Cazeaux who was leading this terms ‘Art, Science and the Construction of Reality’ constellation group.

As some of the readers will know by now ‘I HATE TRAVELLING’ and today was no exception… the long bus journey to London was as always cluttered and long winded (Although it allowed me to catch up on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth).

We then reached our destination which to my dismay saw everyone disperse around the museum, this meant that we were not able to listen to Clive’s thoughts and feelings and the option to pick his brain was immediately gone! This meant that our visit was slightly pointless; It meant that each and every individual on this trip was wondering around the museum like a child. Although we only had two hours at this first museum it was a very long time without the guidance we needed. I believe I took a lot in, but at the same time I was exceptionally disheartened and disappointed by the lack of lecturer time.

In the afternoon we visited the Tate Britain which was something each and every person on our bus was looking forward to! On our arrival we once again dispersed (annoyingly) but we all found ourselves outside the rather overly large doors which lead to the Turner Prize winning exhibition. Unfortunately we were created by a small bald man with a lack of patience or passion; he demanded money from us which was nothing less than extortion considering it was only one of the tens of exhibitions in the Tate Britain. Being students we unfortunately couldn’t afford this pathetic rate and walked away.

This was therefore a disappointing day and the end possibly summed up the day best… as we were stuck stand still on the M25 for 3 hours… What a pointless, frustrating and irrelevant day!

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