‘Rein’ it in!

Today I had the privilege of offering a piece of my work to a worthy cause, in the small Herefordshire village of Pembridge. A few weeks prior to remembrance day I was approached by two brilliant women who were on a mission to produce the best remembrance day possible. Both women who approached me were extremely active members of the British Legion in both the area and nationally, I was therefor extremely humbled when they asked if they could borrow my work as part of the days celebration.

Whilst studying my GCSE’s i fell in love with metalwork due to its extremely diverse capabilities, Its also extremely strong and therefore gives you the possibility of producing aesthetic structures which look unbelievably realistic; and in my personal opinion I believe that when you produce a piece of metalwork that no longer looks like metalwork then you have achieved something magnificent! Unfortunately I don’t think Im there yet! For my 3D GCSE project I found that there was an abundance of metal available through the local farriers of which there was plenty. I therefore did a lot of research and found that horseshoe sculptures were both beautiful and effective. This therefore led to me making a runner duck, and a welsh mountain pony; both of which life size!

A few weeks ago I was therefore approached by these two women, who had heard of my horseshoe horse sculpture and wanted to borrow it in order to commemorate the thousands of horses that had lost there lives during the war. The duo wanted to bring this to the publics eye as they found that it was a contribution that was constantly overlooked. I therefore didn’t hesitate when I was asked if the small village could borrow this sculpture for a duration.

Below we see some photographs of the sculpture after the locals decorated it in hundreds of croshayd poppies. It really was a proud moment of mine to give something back to such a good cause through my own work!

Here are the two magnificent women who approached me!

Much to my surprise the duo had also managed to heavily advertise this sculpture throughout the local media, below we see there success!

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