Bisley Factory Visit

After a long anticipated wait, today we finally visited the Bisley factory in Newport. This visit was to their main factory which is enormous; and takes up an enormous footprint which houses all of there UK workforce.

After my previous factory visit to Orangebox, I found that the departments and overall set up of this factory was extremely similar to what I had previously seen at Orangebox although on an enormous scale in comparison.
Whilst having a tour I was astonished by the sheer mass of which there products were produced, and the quality kept throughout all of these products. I was also impressed with the systems they had implimented over the years which saw products move swiftly from their factory, to there storage unit across the road; these were then delivered to stores and homes across the World.

Although completely mesmerised by Bisley’s facilities and there capabilities I am still extremely inclined to persue the Orangebox brief. After talking to several of Bisleys staff I have found that they don’t want a new innivative storage system as what they currently have is practical, aesthetically brilliant, and classic; what Bisley want is a NEW component which they could offer as part of an existing system.

Although I am leaving Bisley’s factory, starstruck by what I have seen and extremely excited for the future, where I hopefully realise some of my designs and see them go through this magical production line which I have seen today!

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