3D Printing & Scanning Workshop

This week we were taught how to 3D Print & Scan.

Last week we were told that in preperation to this week we should formiliarise ourselfs with an app called 123Dcatch. This app would allow you to photograph physical objects before being able to print them off using a 3D Printer. Whilst using this app I found it to be difficult and problematic to use. I found that the final outcomes were distorted and imperfect. I find this to be an extremely useful asset although in my opinion it has yet to be perfected for smartphones.
Although I have used a 3D printer before and am fairly confident with the process, I found this week extremely interesting and useful. I found the uses and benefits of the different types of 3D printing useful; and although slightly frouned upon within my subject area I believe this process definitely has a place within design. I also believe that the development of this process is something which must be carefully monitored due to the amazing outcomes which could become possible in the future.

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