Laser Cutting Workshop

This week we began our field project. This began with an introduction to the machines which were at our disposal. Today we were introduced to the Laser Cutter which was a frequently used machine for myself and the other Product Designers due to its quick and easy results and its unbelievable accuracy!

Today we were also introduced to a website called makercase, this website allows you to type in specifications for a box, it will then generate a illustrator file for this box ready to be laser cut. This program although very simple, is extremely useful and is an unbelievable time saver!

Whilst producing these boxes we found several issues with tolerances which meant that each panel was an extremely tight fit. Although an inconvenience it emphasised how important testing was during these early stages!

Today showed how useful a machine the Laser Cutter is and how with experimentation and hard thinking its potential outcomes are unbelievable.

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