The Brief

This year the BBC are building a new headquarters in the centre of Cardiff. This enormous new building will house both BBC Wales, and the S4C. This building will be located directly opposite the existing Cardiff Central station and is part of a major investment in the area which sees a variety of new buildings being built in a major revamp of the area.

As part of this building, the BBC have commisioned a number of products to be designed and manufactured by local talent. The broadcasting giants have therefore approached Cardiff Metropolitan University as well as several other University’s with design briefs. As a product design department we have been given the choice of two briefs, the first being a height adjustable pull up table for use with soft seating; this will be designed for the BBC with the intention of being manufactured by Orangebox. We were also given the option of designing a component based multi functional storage unit to fit in with the existing range of Bisley.

To begin this exciting live brief we have been asked to research the BBC as a company, we have also been asked to research the architects behind the project as well as the interior designers to establish what there wants and needs for either brief are.

Although an exciting prospect and a massive opportunity, this also seems like quite the mammoth task for an aspiring second year product design student!

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