Manufacturing Processes: Extrusion

  • Common manufacturing process
  • Used with Thermoplastics, Rubber, Aluminium and Brass
  • Produces parts with a fixed cross section by forcing the material through a die

(Used to make ‘playdo’)

Any Thermoplastics can be extruded.

Aluminium can also be extruded but it requires more force to push the material through the dye.

Design Considerations

Standard Maximum Extrusion dimensions:

  • Round Max Diameter: 250mm
  • Square Max Diameter: 180mm
  • Flat Max Diameter: 120mm
  • Imperfections
  • Soft Lines (Corners should be rounded with a minimum radius of 1mm)
  • Avoid unnecessary Cavities
  • Decoration (Anodising can be used to add colour
  • Jointing: Screw Ports
  • Jointing: Hinges
  • Fabricated End Plates
  • Fabricated Corners

Avoid secondary extrusion (costs more money)

I found our first talk on the manufacturing process of very useful and will definitely benefit me whilst designing in the future as it allows me to think and consider how my designs will be made in a physical state.

Extremely interesting and purposeful lecture!

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