Product Marketing

After producing a model I was satisfied with I then began on a suitable poster for my product, As this was clearly stated in the brief I set myself. I wanted this poster to be simple with as little wording on as possible, I also wanted it to look professional and elegant.

egg tester poster copy

I am extremely happy with how this looks and personally don’t believe I could further improve on it.

I then began looking at marketing the product. I began doing this by designing several suitable logo’s for the product; this would then allow me to progress the marketing of the product. Once this was done I then looked at purchasing bags and boxes to improve the branding of the product. This would also give a professional overlook of the product.

After purchasing these I then needed to find a way of adding my branding onto these items, I found this difficult and the several quotes I had were extremely expensive, I researched methods like printing, foiling and spraying but found that these companies couldn’t accommodate the small quantities I wanted to produce. I therefore decided to go to a local vinyl company, I gave this company my logo and they then stuck it onto several boxes and bags. I was fairly satisfied with this, although it wasn’t as professional as I had initially hoped it was simple and effective as well as in budget.

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