3D Printing

After producing a suitable CAD design I then went on to produce a 3D printed model. This caused me several problems as the 3D printers were always fully booked or broken. This was extremely frustrating and really tested my patients! My first model came out fairly decent but I found that my preparation work wasn’t sufficient enough before spraying, It therefore didn’t come out as I wanted although I was still content with it, I believed it needed a few improvements, mainly in the finish.

This model was very insightful and I was very happy how it replicated the comfort and balance of the blue foam soft model I had previously produced to test the shape of the shell. I was also very happy with how portable it was and was easy to carry around and place into your pocket.

After printing and scrutinising my first model I then printed an improved model with a matching capsule and lid, I then continued with the same procedure as I did with the first, although slightly changing the method and the colour, this time using matt black spray. This came out better and I was extremely happy with the result.


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