Presenting my brief

On the second week of this term I found myself slightly out of my depth due to the fact that I was forced to continue with two projects. I struggled to concentrate on both projects and found it hard to manage my time effectively and efficiently with both.

Monday therefore came and we were forced to present our new subject brief, my brief was as follows:

Critical Design and Design Fictions

Design Brief:
Design an artefact that embodies and materializes the discourse surrounding a phenomena of contemporary
1). Identify a phenomenon of contemporary culture, and examine it as thoroughly as you can.
2). Embody the discourse surrounding that phenomenon into a designed thing.

I aim to use my term one critical design project where I looked at the idea of producing a small device which would allow egg allergy sufferers to test foods before consumption; this will be the basis of my third term project. This device would need to be small and portable for daily use, It also needs to be simple to cater for people of all ages from children to old age pensioners. As well as being practical this device would also need to be aesthetically pleasing, simple and child friendly; this will therefore be my main aim for this term.


  • Research existing allergy testing equipment
  • Design the allergy testing device
  • Design a logo for the allergy tester
  • Design the packaging for the allergy tester
  • Produce an advertising poster

This will therefore dictate what I will deliver at the end of this term.

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